The window

Hi! Hello! If you are reading this, then you must be curious about my cottage. Thank you! Please do tell me how you ended up here! It is always nicer to build magical cottages in good company. After all, if you are planning a visit, your expectations are something I would love to understand.

Right now, The Merry Fairy is experiencing a beginning. A side of it is a playable video game, luring you into expecting a rather superficial experience. But The Merry Fairy is not just a simple video game. It is a window into a very real, very tangible world. It is a window into my home, in Fairyland, where everything is alive and magical, where you can learn to become friends with the trees, to dance with the foxes, to cast mesmerising spells, or to make powerful, enchanted wishes.

I must warn you, the magic here is strong, so strong that it may open your eyes and your heart to an ancient way of being. Once you see it, it cannot be unseen. And it will alter you forever, for magic flows everywhere and through everything, nourishing a magical perspective. This ancient way of being will give you the strength and courage to unveil your real self and it will grant you the ability to conjure any dream to life.

This means that you will very clearly see the limitations of popular ways to see and talk about life in general. You will understand that, like everything, these are mere suggestions, understandable shortcuts to try to make sense of the great and mysterious fabric of the universe. One shortcut we use is to consider ourselves humans and pretend that magic does not exist. That is certainly a valid and easy way to put everything in one basket, but in Fairyland, we know that besides humans, there is fae folk (such as myself), dryads, sage trolls, woodland creatures, elves and witches and wizards, gnomes and gnolls, unicorns, dragons and pretty much any being you can imagine. The question is, what are you? What ever magic is buried in your veins, it will wake up here, and it will stir your heart with such force, that you may start to summon your dreams even if you are not ready for them. So beware, and be warned.

Now, I must confess, I invited you here for a reason. I need your company as your true self! You may be a fairy, like me, and it is well known that fairies do not like to dance alone. Fairy circles are made in company, and while my fairy dust can nourish Fairyland, there is so much land that hungers for your unique magic. I want you to experience the ancient way of being. Trees are longing for your embrace, and flowers wait patiently beneath the ground for your call to bloom. You know, deep down, that you are meant to do this, that life is far more enchanted than we let ourselves perceive it, that magic is real, and that all we need to do is to dare to summon it. What we hope for, what we dream of, deserves to be. If you have a love of nature, if you can sense the wisdom of the trees, if your soul longs for the song of the birds in order to rest, if you can touch the earth to sense its deep desire to nourish us all, join me. And slowly, gently, teach me your spells!